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One Globe Studio is a global collective of creative engineers
who use animation, storytelling and cinematography to help your business grow.


World-Class Animation, Thoughtful Web Series, And Effective Video Funnels.

All Designed To Solve Real Business Challenges & Drive Real Business Results.


Exceeded Our Expectations!

10. Sep 2020

“The entire team were fantastic at every point of the project and the final result far exceeded our expectations! The process was clear, professional and the team took the time to understand our audience and industry in depth.”

Shiv Sensarma, Founder

Talent Tin

Better Than I Imagined

13. July 2020

“The final product was even better than I imagined and I’m very grateful to everyone at One Globe Studio.”

Ahmed Alaskary, Managing Director

Expert Tuition

Our Thinking Was Transformed

17. April 2020

“The educational videos they produced for us were received incredibly well by clients. Initially we thought we could articulate our requirements ourselves but after involving OGS, our thinking was transformed.”

Sajad Obaydi

Validus (An AIG Company)



Visual Content Strategy

We can help you discover, define and optimise a strategy for all your visual content which will allow you to reach the objectives you have, whether that’s traffic, awareness or conversion goals.

Branded Content

Our team will design and execute engaging branded content which helps you not only hit your own brand values, but also sit in line with your overall marketing strategy.

Web Series

When you really get into the stride of things, series based content is the way to go. We can help place, produce and promote series based concepts. This helps you really become a digital first brand when you provide media which your customers can’t wait to watch.

Investor Relations Content

Since we work with pioneering brands, it’s likely that at some stage you’ll need to raise investment or plan to IPO. At this stage, displaying the brand in the right fashion is important, and we can help you do that with specific content created with the investors in mind.

Animated Product Explainers

Perfect for B2B businesses, animated explainers are the perfect tool to explain and engage a prospect quickly. They can be used not only on your site, but also as social and email content.


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