• Talent Tin
  • 1-minute digital asset (Concept + shoot + edit)
  • Social cutdowns


Talent Tin burst onto the scene with the mission of revolutionising the way fashion houses access top tier talent.

The closed nature of the fashion industry limits innovation and hiring practices, so it was imperative that a launch film addressed both the common objections from fashion houses and from freelancers.



We designed a solution that would be instantly recognizable as a fashion film. Utilising techniques and styling from traditional fashion ads, we created an engaging visual to create familiarity with the viewer. The narrative walks us through the problem of not hiring the best talent and presents Talent Tin as a solution.

Using a fashion designer from Louis Vuitton instead of an actress, helped us highlight the entire process from brief to a real garment to build the credibility of Talent Tin.

This visual solution was perfect for multiple uses across marketing and pitch meetings when Talent Tin went on to seek investment.


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