• Bluefin Solutions
  • 1 Min video
  • Illustration + Animation


Bluefin (acquired by Mindtree) is a market-leading SAP implementation and consulting firm.

A challenge they regularly face is with explaining all the business benefits that can come from an Enterprise Performance Management implementation. FTSE 250 companies have a myriad of KPIs and targets, but ultimately they need to be convinced that any capital investment will reap benefits for the business growth and earnings.

This means that marketing assets need to be constantly updated and changed, to ensure the sales teams can make use of them.



An animated video was perfect for this project simply for the reason of flexibility. We could quickly change the benefits that were showcased, without having to recreate the whole video. Meaning, if the focus for the end client was now about data accuracy and not so much about faster processes, we could recreate one or two scenes and have an effective video ready to go.

This flexibility not only affords a longer lifecycle but also means that this asset is perfect for social and product marketing.

This product video was used across product landing pages, direct sales channels and social paid campaigns.


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