Xmas Content When You Don’t Have John Lewis’ Budget

21st November 2019
21st November 2019 viren

As the holiday season approaches, so too does the creative battle of the xmas ads.

The same way we expect to watch Home Alone around this time of year, we have come to love the creative showdown between the heavyweights of the retail world. The winner takes all bragging rights, increases in holiday sales, and general warm fuzzy feelings attributed to their brand. 

What a perfect picture of marketing and consumer sentiment. 

But as the rest of us understand, this perfect picture is reserved for only the brands with the biggest budgets, time, and resources. 

Unfortunately, many brands try to create their own versions of an Xmas ad in the quiet hope that it becomes the next viral sensation but without the upfront cost. Literally, millions are ploughed into Xmas ad campaigns. 

But what if you just have a little bit of budget left to spend with 4 weeks before everyone’s “out of office” turns on and you still want to capitalise on the Holiday season? 

We’ve listed 5 ways you can create video content which would have the impact you want. Spreading a bit of festive cheer, engaging your audience and boosting your sales over the period too! 

1)Xmas cards

Turn an old favourite into something engaging and memorable. Create a quick animated xmas card with some key highlights from the year to send out to all your customers. Versatile and simple it’s an effective way to engage the audience. If you have any specific holiday offers, like a room sale if you’re a hotel, or a discount for Boxing day sales, highlight them in the video and send it out on social and via email.

2)Personalised videos  

If you really want to garner a reaction, add personalisation to the mix. Start by sending out personalised talking head videos to your key clients wishing them the best for the holiday period. Alternatively you could make an animated xmas video, where the main message remains the same but you can adjust the name of the person. Customers will appreciate the time and effort you took to make a personalised video but it’s fast to implement with your CRM system and have the videos automatically created. 

3)Stat videos 

Collating your year in numbers are great if you’ve had an eventful year and want to showcase how much the brand has grown. This is also a really fun way to include certain stats or figures about fun facts. For example, as a hotel firm you could include 

  • Number of new rooms
  • Number of happy guests
  • Litres of coffee drank
  • Number of iphone chargers left behind in the rooms 

The more personal and quirky the better. This is ideal for both internal company presentations/board meetings and social sharing too. 

4)Community videos for team to the audience

Giving some personality to the key team members is always a nice touch as a brand. Don’t ask the boring questions like name and role, think about the festive season and ask about their funny xmas stories. It’s the time of year when a personal touch is worth its weight in gold. A video like this is relatively inexpensive to produce and is a great content piece to share externally and internally too, as it showcases the culture of the company. Here are a few good questions to ask your team for a great piece of video content. 

  • What’s you best memory about the holiday season?
  • What’s dish can you can cook at xmas?
  • What quirky xmas tradition do you have?
  • What’s your favourite xmas movie?
  • What xmas song do you know all the words to and could you sing it for us? 
  • What’s the one present you always wanted at xmas and never got? 

5)CEO message to team 

A great motivator for the year ahead is a personal message from the CEO or Founder. This typically is better for internal communications but can also be shared with your customers if the CEO has a public profile. Make it relatable, and let the CEO/Founder speak freely instead of scripting it- this isn’t the Queen’s speech. It’ll boost morale, share the vision for the year ahead and make the team feel like the CEO/Founder is a real person instead of a faceless brand. 

So if you don’t have the same capabilities as John Lewis and Selfridges, hopefully this has given you some food for thought as to how you can still capitalise on the holiday period. As usual, you know where to find us if you want help with any video content listed above! 

Even if video isn’t for you, make an effort to reach out and reconnect with old friends, colleagues and family. An Xmas card or a simple whatsapp message can go a long way. Have a safe and peaceful holiday from all of us here in the studio!

Happy Holidays! 

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