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This week on The Good, The Bad & The Unwatchable, we bring you a breakdown of HSBC’s latest piece of social content.

Brand: Campari


Platform: YouTube

Views: 201,500

Story/Aim: 7/10

  • In terms of an aim, it seems like this is more focussed on being an editorial piece than an advertising piece. Which is definitely a plus point and nice to see from a brand, it signals that other brands will start to follow this type of more entertainment based content.
  • I know that sort of film noir/Tom Ford style of movies has come back into popularity but it makes it difficult to follow for most people.
  • With the previous point in mind, the length justifies having a bit of time spent in developing the story.

Visuals/Styling: 9.5/10

  • They make use of an A List cast which is always a plus point in terms of grabbing attention
  • It has a very 70’s vibe to it throughout which is always a popular theme to go for, especially because the aesthetics are so vibrant and mix well with the brand colours, so this was well thought out.
  • Great choice of shots throughout to keep you thoroughly glued to the screen. This one definitely passes the pizza test even if at some points you’re furring your eyebrow wondering just what the hell is happening.
  • With cinema level visuals there’s not too much that can be faulted here in all honesty
  • Going back to the aim of the film however, if it is strictly editorial content (to engage and excite), I would have left the Campari logo out of the first scene and also lost the product placements throughout. Although subtle, they stick out like a sore thumb for me personally as I’ve already seen the Campari logo at the start and every reference I make to that logo snaps me out of the enjoyment of the film ever so slightly to remind me that this is just a brand trying to be sneaky. I have to give them credit though, the placements are well thought out and not heavy handed by any measure.

Script/ Delivery: 5/10

  • Story starts in an engaging way with a standard scenario of an older bartender sharing a story with a lonely patron. Working this very “relatable” angle is a good start.
  • The story and delivery is very engaging all the way up until the actual conversation between the two main characters- this is where it get’s lost in the mix of talking about the ingredients in a drink, to talking in riddles.
  • The story becomes pretty much completely convoluted after this point
  • I literally went back and watched it and still can’t figure out why that final scene even happens. In a an attempt to correct my confusion, we got everyone in the studio to watch the video and see if they could figure out the story line or plot. Still nothing.

Sound/Voiceover: 10/10

  • Can’t fault it, the music is correct in styling and builds in the right places to provide the desired effect sound design is well done

Duration: 8/10

  • Really long, but in this scenario I like it and it works for the platform. Ultimately, in 2 years it will be commonplace that brands to more short movies and editorial episodic content, that’s just the way we’re heading.

Parting note:

Even though this piece of content is really long and gets utterly confusing, from a marketing angle, this could be pure genius, because it had us talking about it, and i’m talking to you about it now too.


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