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A question we keep getting is: “What makes a good video?”. It makes sense, and we aren’t mad about it. It’s what we do after all. But instead of answering this question in hundreds of different ways each week, we’ve decided that we’re going to use real world examples and breakdown the good the bad and the unwatchable, to explain what makes a phenomenal video asset. To make this as useful (and fast) for all you attention deficient marketers, we’ve created a simple structure you can use quickly to judge your own content or even your competitors content. We’ll be auditing a real world video asset every week so watch this space!

Brand: Entrepreneur Magazine


6 Words That Will Change How You Wake Up

"Don't let your brain make decisions."

Posted by Entrepreneur on Saturday, 4 June 2016

Platform: Facebook

Views: 2.3 Million


Story: 6/10

This first section is all about how well the theme or message of the video is delivered. In most cases, the themes or messages will revolve around trigging certain emotions in the viewers and sometimes it will simply be the aim of the content to educate the viewer. Whatever the aim, we’ll give it a score out of 10 for it’s ability to convey its message.

  • Great topic everyone wants to know how they can wake up on time.
  • Appeal of the video has a very wide audience and captures the attention of a wide group immediately.
  • It follows a pretty simple story arc, in terms of using a basic powerpoint structure where one point follows the next. The lack of building a more creative story arc is what holds it back hence the “middle of the road” rating. 
  • That being said, people on Facebook love list content because it’s direct and to the point (knowledge and speed are a powerful combination)

Visuals & Style: 4/10

This is the most subjective section for many people, but for the Scorsese’s and the Spielberg’s of the world, this is where the real magic happens. What is the visual styling of the video? Does it pass the ‘pizza test’. When you’re watching it and eating pizza at the same time, are you looking at the screen or the pizza? 

  • Thumbnail stands out and tells you what’s on the inside, so even when scrolling through your news feed at 50mph without autoplay on, this will grab your attention.
  • Starts with some live action video which looks decent to start with, this could be improved by having a more dramatically cliche scene of someone really being late. Think Home Alone when Kevin realises they left him. This would be an engaging way to grab the attention of the few viewers who haven’t fully engaged just yet.
  • Good use of bold colours and animation, although you may have noticed that too many colours can be distracting when there’s text to read. 
  • The animation is repetitive and is on screen for far too long. Animation is a great way to transition between scenes and highlight key concepts, but it’s important that you use different animations and make sure they are dynamic.
  • The background images scream “stock image” and that’s a bad look. If you’re a brand and have to use stock images, use ones that actually look somewhat similar in terms of theme.
  • Transitions could benefit from being a bit more punchy and intentional to ensure engagement is kept up between each point on the list.
  • Doesn’t pass the pizza test for me, I looked away at least 3 times.

Script: 5/10

Did you mean to write this or did a 3 year old write this? Just kidding. So, what we’re looking for here is how well the script is delivered to the audience, and how engaging it is. Does it get the message across or is it too dense for anyone to understand?

  • Lists are usually 3,5,10 in most cases. So choosing 4 seems a bit rogue but it’s not a major hang up.
  • The whole video uses text overlays without a voiceover. For Facebook this works great because 85% of videos on FB are watched on mute.
  • There is too much text on the screen at any given time. I’m not sure about you but I struggled to read everything before the screen changed. Reducing the amount of text overall will help with delivery and retention of the information. 
  • Language is clear and simple which is always a plus!

Sound/Voiceover: 5/10

Music is the secret sauce in most visual content. If you’re not entirely convinced, go to YouTube and close your eyes for the pre-roll ad. You’ll hear music first before anything and that will already dictate how you feel towards the content. That’s also why Lamborghini split test the sound their doors make when you close them. Because subconsciously, sound matters.

  • Soundtrack aims to be bright in line with the theme of the morning, but it’s too repetitive and fake sounding. It’s never good when a soundtrack repeats itself 4 times in a video which is just over 1 minute long- my Samsung alarm repeats itself less in that amount of time. 
  • To make this video more versatile and engaging on other platforms (YouTube etc) it would be a good idea to include a voiceover.

Duration: 6/10

The world we live in doesn’t allow for long videos unless they are on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s simple, how does this asset fair in terms of getting the whole message across without becoming a full blown movie. 

  • This video is good, for a Facebook audience. In this instance, you want to aim between 60 – 90 seconds for a Facebook video as a rule of thumb. The ideal time varies for each platform (i.e. Instagram would be a lot shorter) 
  • Regardless of the simple message, I found myself switching off around 40 seconds in. With that being said, if they improved the dynamic of the video, including reducing the text and using more engaging animation and less stock images, they could potentially leave it at this length.


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