2nd November 2016 viren

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to show support or lack of support for either party, the commentary is simply about the use of various mediums used. 

For the past few months, traditional press has been, portraying Hillary Clinton as an emotionless, machine like lady with no sense of humor.

In the probably most important month of her entire career, she’s chosen to come on YouTube as a guest of the forever awkward comedian Zach Galifinakis, on his talk show Between Two Ferns. It’s a genius PR move in many senses. 

In one short, hilarious, cringe worthy, non politically correct video, she’s attempted to show a more human side and make light of all her seeming downfalls. Trump even makes a surprise appearance. It should serve as a glaring reminder as to the power of video content when utilised effectively.


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