24th September 2016
24th September 2016 viren

So after 50 plus days on Instagram stories, there’s three key takeaways which seem to have set the tone for the usage of the new feature.

1. No Sound Necessary: Firstly, one thing has become really apparent if you’re using it as a brand: Try to produce content which doesn’t need sound or you’re not talking in the video. See, Instagram hasn’t quite perfected the immediate play the way Snapchat has, even on the best of internet connections. There’s a considerable loading time on Instagram stories which is even higher when there is voice or music in the video. Also, when viewers click your story, it starts off muted, and very few will take the extra effort to click the screen so that sound can be heard. Be aware of this and share content which works within this simple framework for maximum results.

2. Snapchat, ya dead? Na man: In terms of IG Stories meaning the death of Snapchat? I doubt it, regular consumer groups are still heavily using Snapchat. I guess people just can’t get enough of the filters and stickers on Snapchat. There are also rumors that Snapchat is making aggressive product developments in the direction of augmented and virtual reality. This harks to the success that Pokemon Go has had this summer, and could prove to be a big win in appealing to users and brands alike.

3. IG for Brands and Snapchat for the People: Although 50 days is not long enough to really say anything concrete, it looks like brands are making more use of IG stories over Snapchat. I’ve heard from a few that this is simply because it’s easier to manage interactions on one platform as the main reason for this. However, I think the more exciting thing for brands on IG is the ease with which a viewer can interact with  more of your content. They can click your profile link, and then click your website link the bio, without ever having to leave the platform. And that’s powerful. On Snapchat, if you want to promote a YouTube video or a product offer, the user has to screenshot your Snap, come off the platform and go to another platform to engage with you and that creates barriers. It’s still early days, and that means Snapchat will probably learn from this in their next few product updates and try to make it more brand focussed.

IG stories is a great tool if you use it correctly, and regularly. As with all unedited content, it’s not really difficult to figure out what to put out, but rather how you put it out there, and that essentially means you need a strong strategy behind delivering this type of unedited content. At a fundamental level, a good strategy to employ is to try and express your brand values, so simply list out 5 core brand values you want to express over a period of 5 weeks and then decide basic clips which could support this message. We can help you design a strong strategy behind these channels to give you a roadmap to success and achieving the goals you want.



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