14th June 2016
14th June 2016 viren

Hello NAME.

Welcome to the early days of email marketing when it was commonplace to get a mass email but with all the important details, like your name, missing.

Consider this type of thing happening today, you would probably unsubscribe just from the sheer anger that they had the audacity to send you something without checking if your name was included. Even though you know they just used a fancy bit of tech to auto populate your name, it still makes a difference when you read something personally addressed to you right?

See if I was able to start this blog post with your name: Marcela, Nicholas, Zumar, James, Sarah… it would have captured your attention for a fraction longer than expected and made you to feel like I wrote this just for you. I did write this post just for you, but in reality I can’t write a separate blog post based on every single person’s tastes, current position, and needs. It is simply not scalable.

But not being “scaleable” has never been an excuse of truly spectacular and game changing marketing. And that’s why it’s no secret that for marketing, personalisation is one of the best tactics when it comes to engagement and conversion.

So as we move into the visual age where as content marketers we’ve learned that most of our consumer base is tuned into and engaged with video content, why not make that personal as well?
Yes – you’re right, your current agency will charge you inextricable fees just to re render a new video which is personalised for every person on your database- but what if you could all of that at the click of a button? Some of the most pioneering brands have already started doing it…

Mindtree recently ran a report and found that personalisation was one of the most important factors now in the customer journey. So it’s no longer just about changing a name, it’s changing every part of the video, from soundtrack to items previously bought, to suit the customer’s personal tastes and their personal customer journey. Here’s a few use cases to put into perspective what I mean:

RETAILERS: Instead of sending out an email to different segments which probably gets opened less than 20% of the time, why don’t you send a personalised video direct to a customer, showing them the new products they may be interested in based on the specific products they’ve bought.
The customer appreciates you taking the time to really consider what they might like next and the fact that you sent it via video format so they can quickly and effectively engage with it on their mobile device.

HOTELIERS: Send out personalised booking videos showing people how to book directly with you. The video content makes you memorable and the personalisation reminds them that you see them as a person and just sees them as another number.

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: As we move toward paperless banking, send complicated financial information direct to the customer in a short, sharp video which is tailored with their financial information. They’re more likely to understand this and appreciate you even more for making it simple for them.

All of this functionality and more can happen with One Globe Studio’s new personalised and automated video solution- indivisualise.

It sits inline with your current marketing efforts so if you want to use it in an email campaign it integrates with major email providers and with most CRM’s like Salesforce so there’s no insane onboarding timelines.

If you are a forward thinking marketer who believes in improving customer experience whilst achieving targets, maybe personalised video content is the right thing for you. Like all major advances in great marketing over the past century, indivisualise is making the unscalable, scaleable. If you want to see how it can work for you, just click here for a basic demo.


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